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“Just a few of the comments I heard that evening and on Sunday at the close of our Faire were:


"Fantastic," "Professional," "Hilarious," "How did he do it?" and also "Where did you hear about him?”


We ALL enjoyed Isaac Fawlkes and his comedy act!  There was not one person without a smile on their face or a tear in their eye from laughing!  He was ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  



There is a magician billed as Isaac Fawlkes who, helped by his self-deprecating humor, repeatedly gets the crowd to react as if to say, Ooo, how’d he do that? At the end of his show he jokes that he has a mortgage to pay as he proceeds to pass donation baskets through the crowd. Could you go into your boss every afternoon and put your worth on your sleeve like Fawlkes?”


What Has Been Said

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