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Aerostatic Glass 


Price includes shipping in the CONUS

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A variation on the Hydrostatic Glass. This version adds noting and takes nothing away. Nothing to warp, bend or drop into a bucket. The glass is unbreakable. Each glass is hand made. Matching regular glass available for $10 extra. Payments can be made thru PayPal at

Custom orders are available. Contact for prices. 

Just pour the water into the glass, cover with a jumbo card, turn over. The card holds the water into the glass. Then remove the card and the water stays in the glass. Move the glass and the water falls to the ground or container.

"I really love this method and the way you’ve designed the cup is great it is so well camouflaged. I’ll be recommending you to many of my students."
Jeff McBride

"This is great! Dave fried me with this last year. So practical and amazing!"

Marc DeSouza 

Contact to order

Payment via PayPal. 

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