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"We ALL enjoyed David Rojahn and his comedy act!  There was not one person without a smile on their face or a tear in their eye from laughing!  He was ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He was also very appropriate for adults.  Many comedians tend to have tricks geared for just children, but with David we enjoyed Rocky and all of David’s mind-wandering tricks!  Thank you again so much!"

Clousher Productions

"Your friendly smile and reassurance quickly put me at ease and I knew my worries were over. You arrived before schedule to make sure everything was in order and were ready to "go on with the show" at a moments notice after our unavoidable delay for dinner.

Just a few of the comments I heard that evening and on Sunday at the close of our conference were: "Fantastic," "Professional," "Hilarious," "How did he do it?" and also "Where did you hear about him?" I am sure you will be hearing from a few groups in the future as they plan functions throughout the year.

Thank you, David, for a well-done, professional act that was full of comedy as well as "Magical Creations." I look forward to seeing your act again in the future, perhaps at First Night York."

Cindy K. Slagel, AAI, CPIW

Entertainment Chairman Regional Conference


The experience, from our initial conversation, to the hiring process and then his performance was flawless. Could not have asked for any better. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone seeking an energetic, funny, and talented Entertainer who obviously loves what he does.

Myra Peppi

Seminole Financial Services


 "Thank you so very much for agreeing to perform at our recent garden party. There are magicians, and there are magicians who are gifted with the personality to work a crowd. Clearly, you are the latter. Everyone we spoke with commented on how much fun it was to have you there, and we heartily agree.

From time to time we hold functions where entertainment is needed, and I hope that we may call on you again in the future.

Again, thank you for your wonderful contribution to the party. We also appreciate your help in arranging the other entertainment."


Louis J. APPELL, JR.

Chairman of the Board

The Pfaltzgraff Company

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